a warning sign;

I love to read but I fail to write.

Currently, a seventeen-year-old girl who’s trying to practice writing in English because for the next semester (that will start in six days) I will take up creative writing, won’t hurt to start now. Grabbing words from different places, up and down, left and right, and putting them together is frustrating, to say the least. Ideas will come and go through my head but once I get my hands on a keyboard, my eyes will stare at them resting at the collection of letters, numbers, and symbols while my mind will stumble on words that are never right.

I watched and read a whole bunch of writing techniques, too, to help me through this writing crisis. Not even a smudge improved. I also tried to write some poetry, I think they turned out to be pretentious. One time I tried to write a fan fiction (Destiel) and I planned it to be a lengthy one, two chapters in and I completely wiped all of it from the face of Word Document (I probably should’ve outlined first). I also tried to write a short story but I was having a hard time (surprise) to make it short, that sounds ridiculous but yes, I can’t contain all of them in a one-shot.

Procrastination, another reason and may be the primary reason. See, I told myself constantly that I would start writing something down even if it’s crap but I never do it, back from 2014 I was determined to join the DCBB (Dean and Cas Big Bang) for the year after, last year I promised that this will be the year  that I’d join NaNoWriMo (it already started), a couple of months before I promised, yet again, that I would start the outlining process of whatever story I’d think of (in six days the break will be over).

I wish I could change on how I think, I have no patience in these kinds of things. If I want something I want it to be made easily, this is also why I have no idea what will be my profession (I will write a blog post for this, too). Of course, this is not how things work so in making this blog I would like to overcome all of my issues in writing, slowly but successfully.

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